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Meta Tags
These are your PAGE Meta tags. These are the title and description shown in the source page for your site. Commonly the title is the page name, and the description is usually the first paragraph of texts added to the highest or first part of the page.
If your title is empty, check that you have named your page, or added texts in the title area of your html page. In the case of CMS sites, check you have named your page.
For the description, check you have added text in the description area of the source page, in the case of a CMS site your description may be added in a text field.
If your title and description is for your sites home page, this may be entered in your site CMS settings page in your admin

Meta Tag Keyword Density
This shows you how many of your keywords are used in your sites meta Description texts. These are listed from #1 to #10. If you dont see your keyword you need to rewrite your description texts. If your main keyword is not in position #1 it will be overpowered by any keywords listed above it.

Heading Tags
These are words that you have used as titles, in h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 tags.

Heading Tag Keyword Density
Your Density shows you what the search engines see. These are listed in order from #1 to #10. Make sure you have your main keyword in position #1. Edit your heading tags and remove any that are not using your main keyword for the page.

The names of your images matter. Search engines read all texts on the page, including what your images are named. If you have images named 123.jpeg and etc you should rename them.
Your ALT TAGS are "free keywords". You should NEVER leave your alt tags empty. Empty alt tags are a missed opportunity for keyword density

Image Alt Tag keyword Density
Listed from #1 to #10, see how your alt tags are effecting the way search engines see your site

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These are links ON your website page. They are NOT inbound links on other websites. These will include links in your menus, and footers.

Links in Page
Your link url (page name) should match your anchor text. Anchor text is the text that is written and made into a link. These are listed in no order

Anchor Text Links Keyword Density
These are listed in order of #1 to #10 highest ranked anchor texts on your page. The anchor text should match the page the link goes to and where possible also the name of the page that the link is on. Anchor Texts rank for the page the link GOES TO, not the page its on, however ANY text on the page will be counted as a keyword.


This shows results for ALL content on the page, your titles, texts on the page, links, alt tags and everything. Take careful notice of this. If your main keyword is not in position #1, add the keyword to your page a few more times BUT DONT GET CARRIED AWAY. You can also help the balance by removing texts that dont match your main keyword term.